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Belgian Cooperation Call for expert grants to participate to TDWG 2014 Annual Meeting
This award is to finance the participation to the TDWG Annual conference 2014 of selected African
experts. The costs taken into account are : travel costs (including visa costs), lodging and registration to
the conference). No other cost can be covered. The selected candidates by the organizers also need to be
validated by the Belgian Cooperation before final approval.
Eligibility :
Only participants from the following countries are eligible :
Benin, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia,
Guinea, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, Uganda, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa,
Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe.
Applicants must have an employment/affiliation in an public institution in these countries. Priority should
be given to former trainees and collaborators of the Royal Museum for Central Africa, but attention, they
cannot have received any other grant from RMCA Cooperation funds in the same year 2014.
Applicants must apply for a presentation. A demo or a lightening talks is not enough to be eligible for the
Application must include :
1. The applicant has to explain his understanding of the conference and in which way it is relevant
to RMCA and his institution in general
2. The applicant has to present himself and share his past, current and/or future plans in
collaborating with RMCA
3 Applicant’s résumé (CV) He/she has to be from a public institution of an eligible country.
4. Title and abstract of the intended presentation at the conference. The applicant has to apply for
an oral presentation at the conference, the Belgian cooperation will accept to nevertheless finance
to participation if the conference panel decides that it will be a poster in the end for logistic
reasons. It can however not be just a demo or a lightening talk.
5. Explain the relevance and motivation related to the work that will be presented, the added value
to participate to the TDWG conference with highlighting the link with Cooperation and
6. List of grants already received by RMCA in the past.

Financial rules applied to grants received from the Belgian Cooperation :
Agreed expenses :
-Cost of the flight tickets + additional airport taxes . the original boarding passes will have to be handed
The cheapest ticket must be purchased after the approval of the price.
- Registration fees for the conference
- Per diem day (unless meals are provided by the conference). Breakfast must be covered by the per diem
if not included in the room rate . The value of per diem is to be determined by the location of the
conference (prior approval required MRAC ) .(usually between 30 and 50 euro per day)
- Accommodation provided to participants at the conference ( breakfast if not included in room rate will
not be refunded and is part of the per-diem).
- Local travel from the airport to the conference venue and return / (if a special free shuttle for the
conference is not organized)
- Local transport during the conference has to be covered by the per-diem;
no additional activities are supported such as cocktails ,banquets, tours, ... (so for example if the banquet,
or other evening events are to be booked separately and not part of the registration fee, if the participants
want to assist it is to be covered by their per-diem or on their own expenses, if there is a T-shirt to
purchase or other goodies it is also to be covered by the per diem or on the participants own expenses)
For the retrieval of the visa for the host country of the conference - expenses are reimbursed (on
presentation of the original proof of payment):
- Travel by public transport to the city where the consulate or embassy is located ( obligation to go to the
nearest home town, any derogation to this has to be duly justified )
- Reimbursement of visa fees (no support for additional costs for the visa such photos, copies) but a lump
sum of 100 euros is allocated for these types of expenses cf * 1
- Insurance costs if required for the visa
- If necessary to stay in the city for the deposit or withdrawal of the visa, a lump sum of 50 euros per day
can be includes to the cost (max 10 days, including any night the day before the flight ) . The dates of the
nights will be verifiable upon presentation of hotel bills . These dates should correspond with the dates of
travel and removal of the visa.
* 1-

A lump sum of 100 euros will be allocated to pay for trips in the city where the consulate / embassy
and costs ( photos, copies , vaccines ... ) . This amount also covers travel to the airport.

No other fees will be refunded.

The selected applicants will have to prepare a form showing all the expected costs prior the event, which
the Belgian Cooperation will have to agree to.
After the event the participant will have to hand it a cost claim, a mission report and provide all originals
to get refunded. The applicant can ask for an advance payments to cover some of its expenses prior the
event, but in case of a bank transfer, no banking fees will be reimbursed