Chicago/USA: Life and Literature

Monday, November 14, 2011 (All day) - Tuesday, November 15, 2011 (All day)

The Biodiversity Heritage Library is organizing a conference, Life and Literature, that will convene librarians, biologists, computer scientists, publishers,  students, and other stakeholders to set the agenda for biodiversity literature digitizing and its networked environment for the next four to five years.

Life and Literature will take place in Chicago, Illinois, USA from 14 – 15 November, 2011 Info at:

Creating a tiled raster image (pyramid) with Geoserver + OpenLayers

Using a tiled Raster image (pyramid) with Geoserver + OpenLayers

Franck Theeten 04/04/2011



Most of web-based GIS application relies on 2 types of images:

-1: vectors, that can be expressed under the form of a mathematical and/or geometrical function (most of time shapefiles).

a vector image:

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